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Public Auction

Saturday, February 16th, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Coins, Gold, 60+ Pocket Watches, 100+ Wrist Watches,
25+ Pocket Knives, 20+ Cigarette Lighters,
Guns, Ammo, Old Ammo Boxes

American Legion Post #5
2921 W. 12th Ave. - Emporia, KS 66801

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Large Coin/Watch/Gun Auction

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Coins: 10-1961 proof sets, 5-1963 proof sets, 5-1964 proof sets, 6-1968 proof sets, 1-1969 proof set, 1-1971 proof set, 10-1973 proof sets,10-1974 proof sets, 3-1975 proof sets, 3-1976 proof sets, 6-1977 proof sets, 2-1978 proof sets, 6-1981 proof sets, 1-1987 proof set, 1-1999 proof set, sev. 1971 Eisenhower 40% silver dollars, sev. Silver dollar Constitution & Liberty coin sets, 3-State quarter books(complete), 2-1965 special mint sets, 1-1968 mint set, 2-1969 mint sets, 5-1972 mint sets, Lincoln head cent book 1909-1940(complete), Lincoln head cent book 1909-1940(69 coins), Lincoln head cent book 1941-1968(missing 1952), Lincoln head cent book 1941-1975(complete book), Buffalo nickel book(31 coins), Jefferson nickel book 1938-1961(complete book), Jefferson nickel book starting 1962(33 coins), Mercury head dime book 1916-1945(complete book), Roosevelt dime book 1946-1964 (complete w/extra coins), Washington head quarter book 1932-1945(complete), Washington head quarter book 1946-1959(complete), Washington head quarter book 1960-1964(complete w/extra coins), Liberty standing half dollar book 1916-1936(complete), Liberty standing half dollar book 1937-1947(complete), Benjamin Franklin half dollar book 1948-1963(complete), John F. Kennedy half dollar book starting 1964(21coins), sev. Liberty standing quarters, complete set of Morgan dollars 1878-1921(only missing 1895), 95 coins including all CC dollars(selling all dollars separate), 14-$10 rolls of half dollars(90% silver), 1-$10 roll of 1966 Kennedy half dollars(MS), 1-$10 roll of 1967 Kennedy half dollars(MS), $22.50 Kennedy half dollars(40% silver), 1-$20 roll of 1922P Peace dollars(MS 63-65), 1-$20 roll of 1923P Peace dollars(MS 63-65), 35 Morgan dollars 1878-1921, Complete book of Peace dollars(24 coins), 13 Peace dollars, American Eagle silver dollar book 1986-2010(25coins), 1-10.5oz pure silver bar, 1-10.6oz pure silver bar, 1-12.3oz pure silver bar, old paper money(U.S., foreign, military), 28-1976 $2.00 bills, 40 IKE dollars, 3-rolls of state quarters, sev. Sheets of foreign coins, box of wheat pennies 1909-1959(approx.1,500), sev. Bags of wheat pennies, sev. Rolls of steel wheat pennies, box of old Memorial pennies(approx.1,600), box of old Jefferson nickels(approx.700), other coins and coin sets by sale day

Gold: 2-1986 American Eagle $50.00 1oz gold, 1-1982 Krugerrand 1oz gold, 1-1984 Krugerrand 1oz gold, 1-1983 Maple Leaf $50.00 1oz gold, 1-1985 Maple Leaf $50.00 1oz gold, 1-1985 Maple Leaf $10.00 ¼ oz gold, 2-U.S. Gold Eagle $5.00 1/10 oz gold

60+ Pocket Watches:  brands include- Elgins, Walthams, Burlingtons, Hamilton, Cardinal, Illinois, Equity, South Bend, Ancre, Westclox, Bulleye, Cady, Olmstead & more, (No brand label, Illinois Jobber Movement, 14kt gold rare)

100+ Wrist Watches (New & Used, Mens & Womens): brands include- Croton, On Time Atomic Watch, Wyler, Girard Perregaux, Longines Ultronic, Benrus, Bulova, Rolex, LED watches, Elgin, Helzberg, Wittnauer, Hamilton, Waltham, Buren, Zodiac, Citizen, and others

25+ Pocket Knives: brands include- Buck, Winchester, PIC, and sev. Others, some made in Germany

20+ Cigarette Lighters: all various brands too numerous to mention

Guns: E Thomas JR Maker Chicago, ILL Cap & Ball double barrel 12 ga. Shotgun, Jukar Spain Blackpowder 45 cal Oct Barrel Rifle SN#0062075, Excel 410 ga single shot shotgun SN#77751 XF, Herstal-Belgique 30cal Columbia Fuerzas militares SN#0392, Japanese Training Rifle, Hopkins & Allen 16 ga. Single shot, Aguirre y Aranzabel 12 ga. 2 3/4” double barrel Madein Spain SN#150404, Remington Gamemaster mod. 760 30-06cal pump rifle w/ Cornell 4x31 SN#138910, Remington mod 11-48 12 ga. Shotgun semi-auto 2 ¾” SN#5045811, Remington 12ga. 2 ¾” “Full” barrel, Harrington & Richardson arms 3”barrel 32cal. 6 single-shot revolver 1887, Taurus Madein Brazil 38special 2”barrel 6-shot double action revolver SN#1557717, CTG 32-20cal 4” barrel Madein Spain 6-shot double action revolver SN#19837, HI-Standard mod. B 22cal. Semi-auto handgun SN#48237, 5 Cummins industrial tools air Pellet Rifle, Navy Arms 44cal black powder 6 shot revolver 7" barrel Sn# 205635(new in box), Daisy lever-action rifle BB Gun, Pellet Handgun XCP, Survivalist BB Handgun.

Ammo: Several boxes of 12ga., 22cal, 30-06cal, 38 special, 32-20cal, 410ga., BB’s & pellets, other misc. ammo.

Old Ammo Boxes: Approx 40 old shotgun & Rifle boxes many are full.

Viewing: 8am-10am morning of auction Feb. 16th

Auctioneers Note: Nice collection of gold, silver coins, gun, old pocket-watches, old & new wrist-watches. There will be a PowerPoint view of most lots being sold at time of auction. This auction is 2 of 5 for the Sellers estate with antiques, collectables, toys and Hummels for next auction. We look forward to seeing you at the auction!

TERMS: Cash or good check accepted. Debit/Credit cards accepted with 4% service charge. Restroom and concessions available. All statements made day of sale take precedence over advertisements. Owners and auction company not responsible for accidents or theft. Settlement must be made day of auction. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. This auction will be under video surveillance.  For pictures go to Kansasauctions.net or jdauctionservices.com

Seller: Estate of Late William & Margaret Sellers

J&D Auction Service LLC.
Auctioneers: Jase Hubert (620)-481-7303 & Dwayne Coble (620)-794-2061

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