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Antique & Collectible Auction

Saturday, June 11th, 2022 at 10:00 AM

Museum / Antique / Collectible Items

Auction Location: 430 S. Chautauque St. - Council Grove, KS 66846

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Museum / Antique / Collectible Auction Items: steel wheels, John Deere 1885 horse drawn 1-bottom plow, Implement seats, Iron wheel bench, several show cases, Lg. License plate collection Morris county 1915-1976(complete), Kansas county license plate collection of all 105, state license plate collection(complete + DC), 1901 Atlas of Morris County, postcard collection, jar opener collection, tobacco tin collection, WWI helmet & collection, WWII helmet & collection, wooden nickel collection, spice tin collection, buffalo skull over 100 yrs old, bottle collection mostly (soda pop), other collectible bottles, arrowhead collection (bird point, hide scrapers, etc.), perfume bottle collection, Council Grove books 1854-1954, old brick collection, wagon jacks, old movie flyers, antique mouse traps, other traps, 75pc horse bit collection, hide scales, butcher scales, chicken scales, egg grader, cattle yolk collection, muzzle for working horse, Custard “last fight official print”, other misc. art work, calf weaner collection, wrench collection (monkey & pipe & various others), sharpening stone w/ stand, milk cow stantion, single trees, hay stack cutter, 1&2-man saws, barn trolleys, wooden pitch fork, pitch fork collection, T-post collection, coal miner pick, drill press, buggy steps, front wagon wheel from a prairie schooner, black smith collection, handmade anvil, hand brace drills, barb wire collection(lg. 202pc.), fencing plier collection, fence stretcher collection, Case plow wrench collection, salesman sample cream separator, human yolk for carrying / lifting, wooden butter churn collection, cream separator collection, crocks (3&4gal. western stone), old home cook books, vintage metal signs, Lg. toaster collection, vintage kitchen utensils collections, 1920s ice crusher, wash boards, copper kettle, view master collection, needle kit collection, oak crank wall phone, feed sack dolly, school desk, 1866 grain cradle, 1870 1-row horse drawn planter, 1800s 1-row sod breaking plow “the grasshopper”, 1875 single shovel soil buster, 1837 brinly plow, 1840-1900 wood beam walking plow, hog tool collection, 1914 planter attachment for garden cultivator, corn husking collection, corn planters, double shovel cultivator pat. 1884, hand seed planter collection, John Deere corn grinder, John Deere corn sheller, saddle collection, western high back saddle 1920s-1940s, McClellan cavalry saddle 1909, Lady's side saddle 6th century, 1930s grain grinder (Stover MFG), pepper mill, old newspaper clippings, old check collection, cake topper collection 1920s-1960s, 1800s jail keys, pcs of wood from 1849 cowboy jail (donated by Rick Yadon), oil cans, horse drawn cultivator & dirt scoop, 2-bottom Ferguson 3pt plow, small harrow, bird bath, Grand father clock, metal cutting band saw, Winchester sign, leather recliners, elect. Fire place, wardrobe, vintage toys, Performax 10” table saw, metal patio table & 4-chairs, hay mouth fork, John Deere 1-row lister, Case 1-bottom plow, Antique glass fire extinguisher, bed, dressers, night stands, oak cedar chest, toy trunk, desk, glass display hutch, much more

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Terms: Cash or good check accepted. Debit / Credit cards accepted w/ processing fee. Restroom and concessions available. All statements made day of sale take precedence over advertisements. Owners and auction company not responsible for accidents or theft. Settlement must be made day of auction. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. For pictures go to kansasauctions.net or jdauctionservices.com

Seller: Estate of late Lloyd Florence (Elm Creek Museum)

J&D Auction Service LLC.
Auctioneers: Jase Hubert (620) 481-7303 & Dwayne Coble (620) 794-2061

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